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Former Mayor, Somersworth; former Strafford County Attorney; U.S. Army veteran

Married; Children: 4
University of Notre Dame,
JD, Franklin Pierce Law Center,
Home Address
P.O. Box 1623
Portsmouth, NH 03802


The LFDA Survey is the primary source for issue positions on this website. Each election season the Live Free or Die Alliance sends a survey on NH issues to every candidate for state office. We make every effort to reach each candidate by snail-mail, e-mail, and phone. If an issue position is still not answered through our survey, we utilize other resources including voting records, candidate websites, campaign fliers, Project Vote Smart surveys, and more. Any questions or suggestions on issue positions? Contact us.

Crime and Public Safety

Should the federal government expand background checks for firearms sales?
Should NH keep the death penalty?

Economy, Budget and Taxes

Should the federal government lower the corporate tax rate?
Should the government compel corporations to pay more in federal taxes, for example by closing “loopholes?”

Energy and Environment

Should the government do more to combat climate change, for example by restricting emissions, taxing carbon, or providing incentives to develop clean energy?

Health Care

Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?
Was NH right to expand Medicaid eligibility, using private insurance wherever possible?
Should businesses that provide insurance be required to cover contraception?
Should the federal government repeal the Affordable Care Act/”Obamacare” entirely and start again?

Social Issues

Should there be a path to citizenship for some illegal/undocumented immigrants?
Should NH increase funding for heroin treatment programs?
Should businesses that provide insurance be required to cover contraception?


This candidate did not hold office as a legislator in the most recent session, and therefore does not have a voting record available.

Campaign Finances

Raised: $125,339
Individual Contributions: 80% ($100,339)
Party Contributions: 0% ($0)
PAC Contributions: 0% ($0)
Candidate self-financing: 20% ($25,000)
Other: 0% ($0)
Spent: $44,106

Reporting Date: March 31, 2018


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