Little support for zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) legislation in NH - 409 responses

Jun 25, 2014

According to a recent report issued by the environmental organization Environment New Hampshire, one of the keys to increasing electric car ownership in the state is zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) legislation. When asked if NH should join the rest of New England in passing such legislation—NH is the only state that has not—Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members were clear in their disapproval.

In fact, just 8 percent of respondents expressed support for such legislation, as 72 percent said they did not and 20 percent elected to discuss the subject in broader terms. In total, the LFDA received 409 citizen responses, including specific comments from 147 individuals supported by 243 concurrences.

As for why the majority of respondents expressed disagreement with ZEV legislation, many questioned the practicality of electric cars, while others noted the means to produce electricity itself are anything but environmentally friendly. Other respondents cited cost as another deterrent. One gentleman’s position summed up the majority position nicely, as he said, “As a veteran automotive technician and American citizen, not only are electric cars not practical, the infrastructure isn't there, and the cost would decimate people during an already difficult economy.”

For the few who expressed support for ZEV legislation, several cited the need for NH to commit itself to improving its environmental policies in general. Remarked one respondent, “We are behind the game,” she said. “Let’s get updated—not continue to be outdated.”

Other respondents, however, elected to discuss the broader implications from such legislation without directly answering the question. “This sounds like a bill attempting to disguise a corporate subsidiary for battery-powered vehicles as ‘environmentalism,’” added one gentleman.

According to the majority, however, ZEV legislation is impractical and ill conceived. “There is no such thing as zero emissions,” one respondent said. There isn't enough rivers to support enough hydroelectric generators, there isn't enough open land for Solar power…There isn't enough available sources to generate the electricity to power up everyone’s electrical cars without burning coal or oil.”

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