Majority of LFDA members support physician-assisted suicide - 380 responses

Apr 20, 2015

When the subject of physician-assisted suicide is brought up, a spirited response can be expected, which is precisely what happened when the Live Free or Die Alliance posed the question to its almost 60,000 Facebook members. 

The responses, however, were one-sided, as 89% of those who directly answered the question, “Should NH legalize physician-assisted suicide?”, responded affirmatively while only 11% were against. 16% of all respondents did not provide a clear answer to the question and instead discussed the subject more broadly. In total, the LFDA received 380 citizen responses, including specific comments from 193 individuals supported by 156 concurrences.

The clear majority of those who answered the question said the matter should be an individual’s choice and their choice alone. “We should have the right to die as we choose—not according to some laws, someone else's religious beliefs or some doctor’s conscience,” remarked one respondent. Others expressed concern regarding the lack of any quality of life for those who are suffering from serious illness. “No one should have to spend their last days in suffering and agony,” added one woman.

Out of respondents who expressed opposition to physician-assisted suicide, several cited personal experience. “My late husband committed suicide because of depression,” said one woman. “Never an excuse. They could find a cure the very next day.” Others expressed concerns on ethical grounds, including one respondent who said, “We'd be going down a slippery slope to okay that, which is nothing but murder by the person who assists.” 

For those who elected to not directly answer the question, several cited the merits—or lack thereof—of both sides of the equation, while others commented on the broader cultural context in which the question was asked. “How about they fix the health care issue first,” rhetorically noted one respondent. “I imagine a lot of these people wouldn't be in the position.”

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