NH citizens split on synthetic marijuana ban - 460 citizens, 629 responses

May 07, 2015

In response to a rash of emergency room visits last summer when people experienced adverse reactions to one particular batch of synthetic marijuana, the NH House recently passed SB 106, which bans it. In response to the bill, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked its over 62,000 Facebook members, “Do you support the synthetic drug ban that just passed the NH House?”

Opinion on the subject was squarely divided. Of those making or concurring with a direct answer to the question, 52% of respondents said they said they did not support the ban, while 48% said they did. In total 82% of respondents did provide a yes or no response, with 18% opting to discuss the subject in broader terms. In sum, 460 citizens participated in this discussion with a total of 629 responses.

Out of respondents who said they would not support the ban, many said current drug legislation has in part created the issue. “Legalize natural marijuana—problem solved,” noted one respondent. Several others argued that legislation itself will have very little effect on the problem. One gentleman remarked, “The war on drugs is an epic failure. We don’t need more laws in this country. We need less.”

Most respondents who expressed support for the ban said they felt legislation would be effective in deterring abuse.  “Young people must be protected until their brains reach full growth and they understand how harmful it really is,” said one woman. Added another respondent, “This is poison and not for human consumption. Ban it.”

For those who did not provide a direct “yes” or “no” to the question, some suggested synthetic marijuana should be rigorously tested, while others openly questioned the debate itself. “ ‘Synthetic marijuana’ is only a name,” one gentleman noted. “It's a marketing gimmick. Legalize marijuana and they'll call it something else and hype it in a different way.” 

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