Overwhelming majority oppose soda taxes - 174 participants

Jun 20, 2016

Earlier in June, the Philadelphia City Council voted for a 1.5% tax on sugary drinks, such as soda. Read more about this issue. On June 20, the LFDA decided to put the issue to its Facebook members, posting the question, “Would you support a tax on sugary drinks in your town?”

“Would you support a tax on sugary drinks in your town?”

Results: Yes or No Respondents

Soda Tax NH Citizen Voices Chart

Participation: 174 participants gave 411 responses

A total of 94% of those participating gave a 'yes or no' response to the question. The remaining 6% of participants engaged in the discussion but did not give a yes or no response. In total, the LFDA received 411 responses from 174 individuals. (Click here for details on our methodology.)

What Participants Said:

No: An overwhelming majority, at 98% of ‘yes or no’ respondents, were against a tax on sugary drinks in their town.

  • “Once they start taxing soda, they'll start taxing anything.”
  • “I am not one to drink soda and sugary drinks but I don't agree with penalizing people who do.”
  • “It has nothing to do with trying to make people healthier, it is just another way for government to get more of the people’s money to waste on their other pet projects.”

Yes: The minority of ‘yes or no’ respondents, at 2%, were in favor of a tax on sugary drinks in their town.

Other: As noted above, 6% of those participating did not give a yes or no response, instead addressing their comments to related questions and issues. These included:

  • The broader debate over sugar policy: “Perhaps the federal government should stop giving subsidies and trade protections to American sugar/corn farmers.”
  • Alternatives to a consumer tax: “I would support a tax on the manufacturer.”
  • Labeling and safety information: “Maybe you should just boot the sugar lobbyists out of the health labeling industry. The fact that sugar is declared safe is far more of an important subject to handle, rather than trying to make a buck.”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes. 

Click here to read the full Facebook discussion of this question. 

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