Seacoast Media Group Gambling Forum with Lou D'Allesandro and Jim Rubens

Jun 04, 2013

Gambling has been one of the most contentious issues in the New Hampshire Legislature this year, and Governor Maggie Hassan based her budget on approving a single high-end casino, presumably at Salem’s Rockingham Park. The State Senate, which has long favored expanded gambling regardless of which party was in the Majority, passed a casino bill. But the House, long skeptical of casinos whether Republicans or Democrats were in charge, scuttled the plan by a wide margin. State Senator Lou D’Allesandro, a Manchester Democrat, has long pushed to bring a casino to the Granite State, while former State Senator Jim Rubens, an Etna Republican, chairs the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling. Both spoke at a March forum held by the Seacoast Media Group on the pros and cons of casinos.

1:11 Sen. Lou D’Allensandro outlines his casino plan
4:39 Jim Rubens questions revenue assumptions from a new casino
6:20 D’Allesandro says casino the best possible non-tax source of revenue for NH
8:00 Rubens argues that casino would not be a destination resort

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