Strong majority favor allowing physician assisted suicide –578 participants

Apr 22, 2017

In Maine and in other states, debates are ongoing regarding legislation that, if passed, would allow assisted suicide. Read more about this issue. On April 22, Citizens Count, NH’s Live Free or Die Alliance decided to put the issue to its Facebook members, posting the question, “Should assisted suicide be allowed in NH?” 

“Should assisted suicide be allowed in NH?”

Results: Yes or No Respondents

Physician Assisted Suicide NH Citizen Voices Chart


Participation: 578 participants gave 846 responses

A total of 97% of those participating gave a ‘yes or no’ response to the question. The remaining 3% of participants engaged in the discussion but did not give a ‘yes or no’ response. In total, 578 individuals from New Hampshire contributed a total of 846 responses or reactions to this question. (Click here for details on our methodology.)

What Participants Said:

Yes: A strong majority, at 90% of ‘yes or no’ respondents, were in favor of allowing physician assisted suicide.

  • “If I cannot live free from constant pain, sickness and suffering, it should be my right to choose to die.”
  • “It is crucial that the state not interfere with an individual's choice regarding this matter. People have to right to pass away with dignity.”
  • “We euthanize pets to alleviate suffering. Why can't a terminal patient make that decision?”

No: The minority of ‘yes or no’ respondents, at 10%, were opposed to allowing physician assisted suicide.

  • “State sanctioned suicide is a short distance from state mandated euthanasia.”
  • “No. Wait for God.”
  • “It is the moral obligation and legal obligation of the medical community to sustain life, and not end it simply because someone has a death wish.”

Other: As noted above, 3% of those participating did not give a ‘yes or no’ response, instead addressing their comments to related questions and issues. These included:  

  • Broadening the scope: “Just legalize suicide.”
  • Drug addiction: “Portugal decriminalized all drugs and established safe zones where addicts could have their drugs tested.”
  • Uncertainty: “I’m not sure.”

*Editor selection of actual participant quotes. 

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