Effective Legislator Questionnaire

Each member of the NH Senate and NH House was asked to fill out a Questionnesire. Please check your elected official's page to view their individual response. 

Click to view the 2016 Questionnaire.

The NH Legislature

New Hampshire has the most unique and dynamic state legislative body in the United States.

The NH House of Representatives is comprised of 400 individual members representing 204 different legislative districts across the state’s 10 counties. On average, each legislator represents approximately 3,300 residents, the highest representation ratio in the US, and possibly the world.  

If this NH representation ratio was present in the US House of Representatives, that legislative body would number approximately 99,000 members. In contrast, the NH Senate is rather small with a total of only 24 Senators, but even at this level, the equivalent representation at the federal level would be about 6,000 US Senators.  

But beyond size there are also factors related to compensation, staff support, committee composition and many more that bring uniqueness in structure, culture and operation to NH that is truly like no other. Repeatedly, New Hampshire citizens have rejected suggestions to alter the state’s Constitution to change its citizen legislature which they believe lies at the core of NH values.

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