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Trumps Wall vs racism, Trump try this!

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Jeff Curtis
- San Diego
Trumps Wall vs racism, Trump try this!

Pres. TRUMP:
Our San Diego news keeps showing all of the demonstrators who are cry babies and are screaming racism for your/our sending back illegals and building a wall. The Mexican communities are screaming racism most of all since they have broken that law most of all. In the mean time they show the big Muslim communities that are screaming racism for their illegals being sent back, so I was thinking: If our USA is such a racist country according to the Mexicans, and their country is such a perfect example for the rest of the world, the lets just send those Muslim illegals and what ever other illegals to Mexico! I'm sure that they will be happy to have those millions sent to them through their drug tunnels!

Tyler Williams
- Atlantic
border wall

How do i fill out application for border wall

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