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health insurance

“Reinsurance” to lower premiums?

Jul 20, 2017

The New Hampshire Insurance Department is seeking permission from the federal government to establish a reinsurance program to lower individual health insurance rates.

Reinsurance helps insurance companies share risk

A reinsurance program creates a pool of money that insurance...Read more

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textalyzer check for texting while driving

Checkpoints for texting?

Jul 19, 2017

Currently in New Hampshire, police can use sobriety checkpoints to find drunken drivers, while other authorities occasionally use checkpoints to see if firewood being brought into the state has the emerald ash borer, a destructive beetle that targets ash trees.

Should there also be...Read more

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marijuana decriminalization

NH decriminalizes marijuana

Jul 19, 2017

Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB 640, decriminalizing the possession of three-quarters of an ounce or less of marijuana for residents over age twenty-one.  That makes possession a similar offense to a speeding ticket.

The new law takes effect in 60 days. 

...Read more

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fossil fuels off-shore

Searching for oil and gas reserves

Jul 18, 2017

In April, President Trump signed an executive order authorizing further gas and oil exploration of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans as part of his promise to unleash more of America’s energy reserves while reducing the country’s dependence on foreign oil. More recently, it was announced that five...Read more

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millionaire tax

Massachusetts to consider “millionaire tax”

Jul 17, 2017

In 2018, voters in Massachusetts will consider adding an extra income tax on earnings that exceed $1 million per year.

The tax would be 4%, in addition to the regular 5.1% income tax. It would only apply to income over the first $1 million earned in a year.

Right for NH?

...Read more

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Manchester Veterans Medical Center

Whistleblowers expose Manchester VA hospital

Jul 17, 2017

On Saturday, July 15 the Boston Globe published an exposé highlighting inadequate and negligent care at the Manchester Veterans Affairs Medical Center...Read more

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animal welfare cost of care

Animal cruelty costs fall on towns, shelters

Jul 16, 2017

Animal cruelty and neglect cases can get expensive.

In situations where animals have be removed for their safety, costs mount up for boarding, feeding, and grooming. Many animals will also need veterinary care, which means lab fees, exams, and the cost for treatment.

For animal...Read more


charter school classroom space

Leasing public school space to charter schools

Jul 15, 2017

In June, the Conway School Board turned down a request from a charter school to lease vacant space at the Kennett Middle School.

The board denied the request...Read more

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drug enforcement

Sununu signs drug enforcement bill

Jul 15, 2017

Gov. Chris Sununu has signed a bill to authorize more funding and state troopers to fight drug trafficking.

The bill, SB 131, sailed through the House and Senate with large majority votes. It sends $2.1 million to the state police and forensics lab and $2....Read more

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fiscal health, taxes, bills, and budgets

NH ranks in the middle for ability to pay bills

Jul 14, 2017

According to a new report, New Hampshire ranks in the middle of states when it comes to “fiscal solvency,” or the ability of the state government to pay short-term bills and meet longer-term obligations. 

The...Read more

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meals and rooms tax in tourist towns

More state money for tourist towns?

Jul 13, 2017

Over the years the New Hampshire Legislature has rejected several attempts to give tourists towns more state revenue.

What is the meals and rooms tax?

The meals and rooms tax, collected at restaurants and hotels, accounts for about 13% of all state tax revenue.

Under...Read more

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biomass renewable energy

Controversial energy bill becomes law

Jul 13, 2017

By waiting and not acting on the bill, Gov. Chris Sununu allowed SB 129 to become law without his signature.  SB 129 is a somewhat controversial bill that supports solar and biomass energy in the Granite State.  The bill does three things:


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