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No funding for family planning clinics?

Jan 08, 2015

Rep. Warren Groen (R-Rochester) is sponsoring a 2015 bill to ban any state funding for health clinics that offer abortions.

Organizations such as Planned Parenthood are currently forbidden from using state money for abortions, but the health clinics receive state funds for other purposes...Read more

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1% cut in unemployment tax

Jan 07, 2015

This week Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) announced a 1% cut in the state's unemployment tax rate, thanks to a falling unemployment rate and moderate economic growth.

The tax rate is tied to a trust fund for unemployment benefits.  When that fund maintains a $275 million balance for a full quarter...Read more

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Will pipeline use eminent domain?

Jan 06, 2015

With Kinder Morgan planning a gas pipeline route through southern New Hampshire, some residents are concerned about the company using eminent domain to take private land.

Federal law allows approved interstate pipelines to take private land, provided that a fair price is paid.  Ideally...Read more

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Later high school start?

Jan 05, 2015

The Portsmouth School Board is considering a later school start time for middle and high school students.

Erin Bakkom, an eighth-grade history teacher at Portsmouth Middle School, presented the idea to the school board in December.  She said students are not awake for morning classes,...Read more

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Common Core opt out?

Jan 03, 2015

Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill) is sponsoring a 2015 bill that allows school districts to opt out of the Common Core educational standards.

The text of that bill is not yet public, but Ladd told the Concord Monitor schools wishing to opt out "would need to identify academic standards that...Read more

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Libertarian lawsuit moves forward

Jan 02, 2015

The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of the Libertarian Party, is suing New Hampshire over new regulations to get on the ballot.  This week a judge denied Secretary of State Bill Gardner's request to dismiss the case.

Third-party candidates have to collect signatures to get...Read more

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Most popular in 2014: Review the year in issues

Dec 31, 2014

In 2014 these LFDA issue pages had the most visits from New Hampshire:

1. Property Taxes
High property taxes are a constant struggle for New Hampshire homeowners.  Rep. Paul Henle (D-Concord) has requested a 2015 bill to establish an income tax as an alternate broad...Read more

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Vermont Yankee closes

Dec 30, 2014

Vermont Yankee nuclear power station powered down for the last time this week.  The closure will impact the regional economy and New England's energy supply.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont will lose roughly 1,100 jobs and $480 million in annual economic activity over the next...Read more

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Hydropower outage risky for NH?

Dec 29, 2014

According to Northern Pass opponents, a Canadian power outage in early December suggests that Canadian hydropower is a risky source for electricity in New England.

The proposed Northern Pass transmission line project would carry Canadian hydropower from Hydro-Quebec through New Hampshire...Read more

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Fishery Management Plan In The Works

Dec 27, 2014

The public comment period for a new management plan for federal fishing waters, including some off the coast of New Hampshire, closes in early January, leading to a final push on the part of fisherman and conservationists to have their say. The New England Fishery Management Council has spent...Read more

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Eliminate Medicaid funding for circumcisions?

Jan 15, 2015

Rep. Keith Murphy of Bedford has proposed a bill that would disallow Medicaid payment for circumcisions, NHPR reported on December 26. If passed, the bill would add New Hampshire to a list of eighteen states who currently do not offer Medicaid reimbursement for the procedure, including Maine,...Read more

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FairPoint negotiations continue

Dec 24, 2014

On December 23, the New Hampshire Executive Council opted to delay a vote on a $13 million state contract after concerns were raised about the reliability of services provided by one of the bidders, FairPoint Communications.

Over 1,700 FairPoint workers from two unions – the International...Read more

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