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NH health care

New Hampshire ranked 4th best for health care

Aug 08, 2017

In a new ranking of the states, WalletHub said New Hampshire was the fourth best state in the nation for health care. 

The report included thirty-five measures of health care, from the average...Read more

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wind turbine power

Antrim wind turbines headed to Supreme Court

Aug 07, 2017

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has accepted a lawsuit to stop nine wind turbines along Tuttle Hill and the Willard Mountain ridge line in Antrim.

The Supreme Court appeal is the latest challenge to the proposed project. 

Wind turbines proposed five years ago

The state...Read more

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school administrative unit SAU

SAU Requirement?

Aug 06, 2017

School administrative units (SAUs) are offices that oversee the operations of school districts. The size and makeup of an SAU can vary greatly, from a single school to multiple schools across several towns. They can also include just a single school district or multiple districts.

State...Read more

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invisible electric fence for dog

Do invisible dog fences need regulation?

Aug 05, 2017

Laconia resident Marc Burrell is lobbying the city to change its ordinances governing the confinement of dogs, requiring more supervision with invisible electric fences. ...Read more

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smoking cigarette age

Should NH raise the smoking age to 21?

Aug 05, 2017

This past week Maine became the fourth state to raise the purchasing age for cigarettes to twenty-one years-old.

255 counties and municipalities in...Read more

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green energy Paris Climate Accord

NH cities sign on to Paris climate agreement

Aug 04, 2017

Lebanon is the latest New Hampshire municipality to sign on to the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

President Trump pulled the United States out of the international agreement to reduce carbon pollution earlier this year.  Since then many states, municipalities, and businesses have...Read more

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public employee

Does NH need to pay state employees more?

Aug 03, 2017

Governor Chris Sununu is in the middle of a battle with state employees over their next contract. 

One point of disagreement: pay raises for state employees. 

Public worker shortages caused by low wages?

In an...Read more

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moose ticks

Should NH suspend the annual moose hunt?

Aug 02, 2017

The moose population is on the decline in New Hampshire, and one of the primary reasons is a parasite called the winter tick.

Shorter, warmer winters in the region make the moose more susceptible to winter ticks, which feed on the moose, causing them to lose their protective fur. Moose...Read more

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teaching and nursing jobs

NH job projections: fewer teachers, more nurses

Aug 02, 2017

According to a July report from New Hampshire Employment Security, every industry in New Hampshire will see job growth through 2018 – except education. 

...Read more

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body camera

Body Camera Legislation in NH

Aug 01, 2017

While there currently is no law in New Hampshire requiring police officers to wear body cameras, some New Hampshire towns have adopted the use on their own. Those departments who have not embraced the policy often cite cost of equipment and data storage.

Recent incident on NH I-89...Read more

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recreational cod fishing

Ban on recreational cod fishing

Aug 01, 2017

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is continuing a ban on recreational cod fishing through the rest of the summer in the Gulf of Maine.

NOAA has also placed limits on recreational haddock fishing.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is working on...Read more

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public campaign finance

Public election financing in New Hampshire?

Jul 31, 2017

New Hampshire does not currently offer any sort of public financing for elections, but there are some in the state calling for that to change.

Specifically, members of NH Rebellion point to the neighboring state of Maine, where a “clean elections” law has been in place since 1996.

...Read more



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