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voter registration laws, voter ID

Voters will need to prove domicile

Jul 12, 2017

This week Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 3, a bill that requires voters to prove their intent to stay in New Hampshire long-term. 

The bill has the biggest impact on voters who register within thirty days of an election.  Those voters must show proof they will...Read more

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funding for local road infrastructure repairs

More local funding for roads

Jul 11, 2017

This Tuesday, July 11 Gov. Sununu signed a bill that increases funding for local roads and bridges.

The bill, SB 38, uses $36.8 million from a projected surplus this year.

New Hampshire roads need repair

Bill supporters point to widespread...Read more

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child support from prison

Child support relief for prisoners?

Jul 10, 2017

According to studies, around one-quarter of prisoners in the United States owe child support. This has led to many prisoners racking up thousands of dollars in debt while in...Read more

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study committee

Here come the study committees

Jul 10, 2017

When faced with a complex issue, the New Hampshire Legislature will often vote to create a committee to study the issue.  After meeting over the summer and fall, the committee is responsible for recommending any bills the following year.

Here is a summary of some of the major issues...Read more

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veterans court

Sununu signs veterans court bill

Jul 08, 2017

Over the Fourth of July holiday Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB 652, a bill that authorizes veterans courts in New Hampshire. 

The bill puts in law what is already happening in New Hampshire; courts in Nashua and Manchester have created programs for veterans...Read more

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childhood pediatric cancer cluster

Pediatric cancer cluster investigation continues

Jul 07, 2017

Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill that establishes a commission to continue the investigation into a childhood cancer cluster on the seacoast.

The commission will take over from a taskforce established by former Gov. Maggie Hassan, which is...Read more

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cell phone GPS tracking

Shea-porter cell phone amendment gets shot down

Jul 09, 2017

A U.S. House committee voted down an amendment that would have limited employer access to GPS data from company cell phones.

The amendment, sponsored by Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, would have banned GPS tracking during non-work hours and "for purposes other than legitimate business purposes...Read more


student protest

Free speech on campus

Jul 08, 2017

Public colleges and universities in New Hampshire are currently allowed to set their own policies about when and how campus outdoor spaces can be used by students who want to demonstrate, distribute flyers, or hold signs.

On University of New Hampshire’s Durham campus, for example,...Read more

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restaurant tipping

Eliminate tipping at restaurants?

Jul 06, 2017

The 7th Settlement Brewery in Dover gained national attention after announcing a plan to ban tips starting this Labor Day.

The restaurant will instead raise prices 15-20% and pay servers $45-50,000 a year.  If a customer still leaves a tip, the restaurant will donate the tip to...Read more

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business development in NH

“DRED is dead”

Jul 06, 2017

On Wednesday Gov. Chris Sununu quipped, “DRED is dead.”

He was referring to the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED). This year’s budget bill divided DRED into two departments: the Department of Business and Economic Affairs and the Department of Natural and Cultural...Read more

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Underage drinking under parental supervision?

Jul 05, 2017

New Hampshire legislators have considered allowing adults between age 18 and 21 to drink under the supervision of a parent or guardian, but no bill has passed.

Recent bills

Most recently, in 2016 Rep. Max Abramson sponsored a bill that said, "It...Read more

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New Hampshire residents ranked 4th most independent

Jul 05, 2017

Like many U.S. presidents, Abraham Lincoln valued self-reliance.  He once said, “You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”  According to a new study, New Hampshire residents also value independence.

Granite state financially,...Read more

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