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Every day, Highlight stories, written by our editors, dig into the facts behind key New Hampshire policy issues. We try to present both sides of the story,  in an effort to give a balanced and insightful look at the facts. Read on to get informed.   

Should NH seal a rape victim’s sexual history on appeal?

Jan 20, 2017

The New Hampshire House and Senate will both consider bills this year to exclude a rape victim’s sexual history from court appeals.

New Hampshire’s Rape Shield Law blocks evidence about a victim’s sexual history in a trial for rape.  The law is intended to protect the privacy of rape...Read more

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Should NH repeal the Renewable Portfolio Standard?

Jan 19, 2017

New Hampshire’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requires utility companies to obtain a certain percentage of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources include wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, solar panels,...Read more


Should NH allow keno?

Jan 18, 2017

Once again, the New Hampshire Legislature is considering legalizing keno, a lottery game popular in restaurants and bars in neighboring states. The game allows players to bet on batches of computer-generated numbers every four minutes.

...Read more

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daylight savings time springs back

Should NH end daylight saving time, adopt Atlantic standard time?

Feb 08, 2017

On Thursday, January 19 a House committee hosted a public hearing on a bill to adopt Atlantic standard time. 

New Hampshire currently aligns with the Atlantic standard time zone for roughly half the year, when clocks are set forward for daylight savings time. This means that officially...Read more

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Mandatory manslaughter charges for drug dealers?

Jan 17, 2017

Rep. Robert Elliott is sponsoring a 2017 bill that "establishes a criminal penalty for causing the death of another person by providing heroin or fentanyl to such person...Read more

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Should employers be allowed to look at credit history?

Jan 17, 2017

On Wednesday, January 18 a House committee will host a public hearing on a bill that prohibits employers from considering credit history in employment decisions.  

...Read more

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Should towns be allowed to regulate plastic bags?

Jan 16, 2017

Rep. Christy Bartlett is sponsoring a 2017 bill that would allow towns to either prohibit the distribution of plastic shopping bags...Read more

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Bill would expand tax credit scholarships

Jan 16, 2017

Rep. Carol McGuire is sponsoring a 2017 bill to expand the program that gives businesses a tax credit for donating to a scholarship fund.

Right now the scholarship fund can be used for tuition at private and parochial schools.  Homeschooled students can also receive funding.

...Read more

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Should NH prohibit discrimination based on gender identity?

Jan 15, 2017

This year, several legislators are sponsoring a 2017 bill to include gender identity as part of the state’s anti-discrimination policies.

In the bill, HB 478, "gender...Read more


Should qualifying patients be permitted to grow their own marijuana?

Jan 14, 2017

Currently, medicinal marijuana patients in New Hampshire must acquire the drug through one of four licensed dispensaries. However, that could change if...Read more


Should NH track abortion statistics?

Jan 14, 2017

Rep. Kathleen Souza is sponsoring a 2017 bill that would require the Department of Health and Human Services to track abortion statistics and release an annual report.

Under the bill,...Read more

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Should NH repeal ban on cell phones while driving?

Jan 12, 2017

Rep. Eric Schleien is sponsoring a 2017 bill that would repeal the ban on hand-held cell phone use while driving. 

New Hampshire’s law against cell phone use went into...Read more

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