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Ban on recreational cod fishing

Aug 01, 2017

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is continuing a ban on recreational cod fishing through the rest of the summer in the Gulf of Maine.

NOAA has also placed limits on recreational haddock fishing.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is working on similar rules for state waters.

NOAA scientists say that decades of over-fishing have depleted cod and haddock populations to critical lows.  Limiting fishing is the only way to prevent a total population collapse and an end to the cod fishing industry.

Local fishermen disagree.  They say warmer ocean temperatures have just moved cod and haddock farther out to sea.  They argue the NOAA ban is unnecessarily hurting the seacoast economy.

Do you fish recreationally? What is your opinion on the NOAA limits?  Share your opinion in the comments below.


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