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More local funding for water infrastructure

Jul 21, 2017

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

This week Governor Chris Sununu signed SB 57, which dedicates $3.5 million to local water infrastructure projects.  The bill also authorizes a $5 million loan for Amherst to extend public water to 110 residents with wells contaminated by PFCs. 

Paying for recession-era projects

SB 57 specifically funds grants for nineteen completed drinking water and wastewater projects.  Towns began those projects with the expectation of state aid, but the Legislature put a moratorium on state aid grants for water infrastructure projects during the recession.

Bill supporters argued that the state owes funding to these towns, especially since those towns may not have started their projects if they knew the state would place a moratorium on funding.

Some legislators questioned the funding

Some bill opponents questioned the state aid grant program overall, since it seems to benefit some towns over others.

Other bill opponents argued SB 57 should be part of the state budget bill, rather than a stand-alone bill.  SB 57 was funded with money from last year’s budget surplus.

To learn more about water infrastructure challenges and funding, visit our Water Sustainability issue page.

Do you support SB 57?  Are there water infrastructure projects you’d like to see completed in your town?  Share your thoughts in the comments.


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