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NH is either 13th best or 2nd worst state for millennials

Apr 17, 2017

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

According to two competing studies published this month, New Hampshire is either the 13th best or 2nd worst state for millennials.

WalletHub ranked New Hampshire 13th.  Their study considered twenty-four factors, from the share of millennials with health insurance to the millennial volunteer rate.  New Hampshire scored very low on affordability for millennials, due in large part to high housing costs.  However, New Hampshire scored high on many quality of life and economic factors, such as the millennial unemployment rate and family friendliness (according to an earlier WalletHub ranking).  

In fact, the only New England state to score higher than New Hampshire in the WalletHub study was Vermont, ranked 11th.

MoneyRates ranked New Hampshire 49th, the second worst state for millennials.  That study looked at eight factors: the job market for young adults, the young adult share of the population, college tuition affordability, rental availability, rental affordability, access to high-speed internet, the concentration of bars, and the concentration of fitness facilities.  New Hampshire’s ranking was hurt by very high college costs and a bad market for renters. 

MoneyRates ranked Massachusetts the highest state in New England, at 28th.

Despite these very different results, both studies agreed that North Dakota was the best state in the nation for millennials.

The results of these studies may be of particular interest to policymakers concerned about New Hampshire's swiftly aging population. In the first decade of the millennium, the state's median age increased from 37 to 41 years-old. Click here to visit our issue page and learn more.

Do you think New Hampshire is a good or bad state for millennials?  Share your opinion in the comments below.


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