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Philadelphia passes sugary drink tax

Jun 20, 2016

BY: CCNH-LFDA Highlights

Last Thursday, June 16 the Philadelphia City Council voted for a 1.5% tax on sugary drinks, such as soda.

Supporters argue that the estimated $91 million in annual revenue more than justifies the tax.  Lawmakers plan to spend the revenue on education, parks, and a tax credit for businesses that sell healthy beverages.

Other supporters argue that the tax will encourage consumers to purchase healthier beverages, which will in turn decrease obesity.

Opponents argue that consumers should not be penalized for choosing one beverage over another, especially when no other unhealthy foods are singled out for taxation.

"The tax passed today is a regressive tax that unfairly singles out beverages - including low- and no-calorie choices," said the American Beverage Association.

They plan to challenge the tax in court.

UPDATE: Read our Citizen Voices℠ report and find out where New Hampshire stands on this issue.


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