Truck driver; site clerk at nuclear power plants for Westinghouse Electric Company

Married; Children: 0
Home Address
504 Nashua Street
Apt. 202
Milford, NH 03055


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Economy, Budget and Taxes

Should the U.S. Constitution have a Balanced Budget Amendment?
Should the federal government raise the minimum wage?

Energy and Environment

Should the federal government do more to combat climate change by providing subsidies for renewable energy?

Health Care

Should the federal government amend the Affordable Care Act/"Obamacare" by giving states a fixed block grant for Medicaid?
Should the federal government continue to fund Planned Parenthood?

Social Issues

Should Congress create a path to citizenship for illegal/undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children?
Should the U.S. build a physical wall between Mexico and the U.S.?
Should the federal government continue to fund Planned Parenthood?


This candidate did not hold office as a legislator in the most recent session, and therefore does not have a voting record available.

Campaign Finances

Campaign finances are not available for this candidate.


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