Roll your mouse over each district or the district # to see the towns and city names in each district. To learn more about the representative or representatives that have been elected to that district, click on the district or district #.

Rockingham County Rockingham District 30Rockingham District 31Rockingham District 32Rockingham District 33Rckingham District 34Rockingham District 35Rockingham District 36Rockingham District 37Rockingham District 1Rockingham District 2Rockingham District 3Rockingham District 4Rockingham District 5Rockingham District 6Rockingham District 7Rockingham District 8Rockingham District 9Rockingham District 10Rockingham District 11Rockingham District 12Rockingham District 13Rockingham District 14Rockingham District 15Rockingham District 16Rockingham District 17Rockingham District 18Rockingham District 19Rockingham District 20Rockingham District 21Rockingham District 22Rockingham District 23Rockingham District 24Rockingham Portsmouth District 25-29

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