Dec 29, 2015

Several legislators are sponsoring a 2016 bill to provide more state funding for full-day kindergarten.

Right now New Hampshire provides towns with one half of the per pupil funding for each kindergarten student, in accordance with a half-day kindergarten program.  If a town decides to offer full-day kindergarten instead of half-day, the funding does not increase.

Governor Sununu works on the budget proposal
Feb 10, 2017

On Thursday, February 9 Gov. Chris Sununu presented his budget proposal to the New Hampshire Legislature. His plan increases spending by about 2% and does not increase any taxes or fees.

Here are some of the spending priorities Sununu identified in his budget address:

New Hampshire House of Representatives budget
Apr 07, 2017

On Thursday, April 6 the New Hampshire House of Representatives failed to pass the budget drafted by the House Finance Committee.

kindergarten funding
Apr 11, 2017

As part of his budget proposal this year, Gov. Chris Sununu included funding for full-day kindergarten programs.

Jan 04, 2017

This year, several legislators are sponsoring a 2017 bill to provide more funding for schools that offer full-day kindergarten. Right now the state funds all kindergarten programs as if they are half-day programs.  The bill, HB 155, would acknowledge full-day kindergarten programs, essentially doubling kindergarten funding for those school districts.

kindergarten and keno
May 24, 2017

While there is general political consensus among Democrats and Republicans that full-day kindergarten is a good idea for New Hampshire schools, finding the funding has proved difficult.

One idea proposed this week is to finance full-day kindergarten with proceeds from Keno. That means, however, that Keno would have to be legalized in New Hampshire.

Aug 09, 2017

Franklin is the first New Hampshire town to put keno on the ballot for voters this November.  Nashua is also considering a vote on keno.

Under the law signed by Gov. Sununu this July, businesses that serve alcohol may also offer keno games – if their town votes to allow keno.

The state plans on using keno revenue to fund full-day kindergarten programs across the state.

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