Feb 17, 2017

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as presented in a series of graphics on, New Hampshire leads the nation for heroin deaths among men aged 25-34. The Granite State also ranked first for overdose deaths related to other opioids among men aged 15-24.

syringe and needle exchange program
Mar 24, 2017

On Thursday, March 23 the New Hampshire Senate voted to allow needle exchange programs in New Hampshire.

Needle exchanges allow drug users to trade used hypodermic syringes for clean ones. 

Grandparents custody in New Hampshire
Mar 29, 2017

HB 629 would make it easier for grandparents to get custody of their grandchildren in situations where a parent or parents are suffering from a substance abuse problem.

border drug enforcement
Mar 25, 2017

Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Senate voted in favor of SB 131, a bill that would increase funding for law enforcement efforts to combat the drug crisis, particularly at the state’s borders.

Nov 02, 2016

In an effort to combat heroin addiction, this September the Canadian government approved new regulations that allow medical professionals to provide pharmaceutical-grade heroin to patients with severe cases of addiction. 

heroin needle
Jun 19, 2017

On Friday, June 16 Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 234 into law, allowing needle exchanges in New Hampshire. 

SB 234 allows community health organizations to collect needles with trace amounts of drugs and dispense clean needles, without any state funding involved.

involuntary commitment for drug addiction
Jun 19, 2017

In Massachusetts, it’s becoming an increasingly common practice: relatives or doctors petitioning courts to forcibly commit addicts at risk of opioid overdose for treatment. In fact, Massachusetts Gov.

drug testing for Medicaid
Jun 26, 2017

Last month, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin announced his intention to appeal to the Trump administration to allow his state to drug-test childless, able-bodied adults who apply for Medicaid.

In Wisconsin, these individuals make up roughly 12% of those who receive Medicaid.


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