Jul 17, 2015

On Wednesday, July 15 Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) signed HB 323, a bill that allows high schools to replace a mandated statewide assessment with the SAT or ACT.

Jul 18, 2015

In July Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) vetoed HB 449, a bill which clarifies that child support ends after age 18 if the child drops out of high school to enroll in a GED program or similar high school equivalency program.

Jun 09, 2015

How are NH's high schools measuring up against the rest of the nation? A recent US News and World Report analysis ranked states based on the performance of their high school students. Rankings were based on whether a school's students were seen to be performing better than statistically expected, and also took into account advanced placement and International Baccalaureate test data.

Jan 26, 2016

HB 1612, currently being considered by the House Education committee, would change the age at which children in New Hampshire are required to attend school. Currently, education is compulsory in New Hampshire until the age of 18. The bill would lower that limit to 16 years of age. 

May 06, 2016

In Manchester, a Central High School senior will be unable to take his 22-year old girlfriend to the school prom.

According to a school policy, which officials acknowledge is not written, people older than 21 cannot attend school proms.

career and technical education vocational school
Mar 16, 2017

On Wednesday, March 15 the House Education committee hosted a public hearing on earlier access to career and technical education (CTE), also known as vocational school, for high schoolers in New Hampshire.

Aug 15, 2016

Last week St. Paul's School filed a motion to publicly release the name of the victim in the Owen Labrie case.  

Senior Labrie was accused of raping a freshman.  He was ultimately convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault and felonious use of a computer to lure a child.

high school sports safety
Aug 12, 2017

A new study ranked New Hampshire 44th for keeping high school athletes safe from life-threatening injuries. 

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