Dec 09, 2015

Rep. Mary Stuart Gile is sponsoring a 2016 bill to study suspensions and expulsions in New Hampshire preschools and kindergartens. 

Dec 29, 2015

Several legislators are sponsoring a 2016 bill to provide more state funding for full-day kindergarten.

Right now New Hampshire provides towns with one half of the per pupil funding for each kindergarten student, in accordance with a half-day kindergarten program.  If a town decides to offer full-day kindergarten instead of half-day, the funding does not increase.

kindergarten funding
Apr 11, 2017

As part of his budget proposal this year, Gov. Chris Sununu included funding for full-day kindergarten programs.

Jan 04, 2017

This year, several legislators are sponsoring a 2017 bill to provide more funding for schools that offer full-day kindergarten. Right now the state funds all kindergarten programs as if they are half-day programs.  The bill, HB 155, would acknowledge full-day kindergarten programs, essentially doubling kindergarten funding for those school districts.


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