Jul 02, 2015

The pro-gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety is calling on New Hampshire and seven other states to report mentally ill individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

New Hampshire does not share mental health records with the federal government, despite a federal law requiring states to do so.

Dec 28, 2015

In New Hampshire, individuals with mental illness who “present a serious likelihood of danger to himself or to others” may be committed to the secure psychiatric unit in the state prison.   

Jan 08, 2016

Several bills related to solitary confinement are being considered this month by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

Feb 17, 2016

On Thursday, February 18 a House committee will host a public hearing on HB 1541, which would prohibit the state from housing an individual with mental illness in the state prison, unless the individual has been charged with a crime.

Apr 02, 2016

Next Wednesday, April 6 the New Hampshire House of Representatives will vote on a bill to require DNA samples from some civilly committed individuals with mental illness.

The Senate already passed the bill, SB 339.

Jul 08, 2016

According to the latest report from an independent monitor, New Hampshire is not adequately improving its mental health system.

Jul 29, 2016

On Wednesday, a federal judge said John Hinckley, Jr., who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, would be released to live with his elderly mother in Virginia.

In 1982, the verdict that sent Hinckley to a government psychiatric hospital as opposed to prison sparked a national debate that resulted in tighter legislation regarding the use of the insanity defense.

Aug 12, 2016

Rep. Renny Cushing and three other patient advocates have filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice over the practice of housing some mental health patients in the Secure Psychiatric Unit (SPU) of the state prison.

Aug 19, 2016

In New Hampshire, individuals with a violent mental illness are transferred to the Department of Corrections and treated at the Secure Psychiatric Unit (SPU) at the prison in Concord.

New Hampshire is one of only several states with this policy, which has been in practice for more than 30 years.

mental health funding
Apr 12, 2017

In March, it was reported that New Hampshire reached a record high with 68 people waiting for an open bed at the state psychiatric hospital in Concord.


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