Dec 23, 2015

Rep. Robert Haefner is sponsoring a 2016 bill which requires organizations that transfer pets from out of state into New Hampshire to register with the Department of Agriculture.

May 09, 2016

The New Hampshire House and Senate are considering HB 1423, a bill that would require veterinarians to use the prescription drug monitoring database.

Jun 06, 2016

A newly passed law in Connecticut allows courts to appoint an advocate to represent the interests of the animal in an animal cruelty case.

The concept is similar to a Guardian ad Litem, who is appointed by a court to represent the interests of a child in a court case.  

pet left behind during foreclosure
Feb 15, 2017

On Wednesday, February 15 the House is scheduled to vote on HB 623, a bill that would make it a crime to leave a pet at a foreclosed property. 

Aug 12, 2016

Animal hoarders are individuals with a compulsive need to collect animals. A variation of hoarding disorder, those who suffer from this form of mental illness often do not recognize they have a problem.

Feb 16, 2016

NH's sub-zero temperatures over the weekend have raised questions about whether it is considered cruel or neglectful to leave animals outside for extended periods of time in cold weather. 

Jan 28, 2016

Rep. Robert Hull is sponsoring HB 1576, a bill that would repeal the $7 annual license for dogs.

The license fee is shared between municipalities and the state. The state portion of the fee funds a low-cost spay-neuter program and the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Exotic pet
May 13, 2017

Currently, any NH resident can own pets from a list of allowed species covering many types of fish, non-venomous reptiles, birds, and mammals as diverse as pygmy hedgehogs and yaks.

animal welfare cost of care
Jul 16, 2017

Animal cruelty and neglect cases can get expensive.

In situations where animals have be removed for their safety, costs mount up for boarding, feeding, and grooming. Many animals will also need veterinary care, which means lab fees, exams, and the cost for treatment.

dogs on state beaches
Jul 22, 2017

In New Hampshire, dogs aren’t allowed on beaches at any state park, whether lakeside or oceanside.

That includes the off season and late or early morning hours.

An exception is made for service dogs, such as those that assist the blind. They can accompany their owners on state beaches anytime.


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