Aug 21, 2015

According to a recent analysis from the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, New Hampshire is recovering from the recession slower than Massachusetts. However, that analysis may not show a complete picture of New Hampshire’s economy.

Oct 16, 2015

When it comes to the state of NH’s economy, how do we measure up against the rest of the nation? The answer, according to a recent report by Business Insider, is pretty darned well.

Jan 07, 2016

By Paul Briand

Carly Fiorina is the only woman among the group of men still standing in the Republican primary for president.

But, when it comes to talking about issues, she said she doesn’t distinguish between women’s issues and other issues.

Jan 29, 2016

Under New Hampshire law, employers must pay employees weekly, unless they get a waiver from the state Department of Labor.

A 2016 bill, HB 1252, would allow employers to pay employees weekly or biweekly. 

Feb 29, 2016

How low is the poverty rate in the Granite State? Raw census data from 2014 shows 9.2% of New Hampshire residents living at or below the poverty level – the lowest poverty rate in the U.S., ranking the Granite State 50th overall.  Mississippi topped the 2014 chart with a rate of 21.5%, while the national average came in at 14.81%.

Mar 12, 2017

Under current New Hampshire state law, employers in the state are required to pay hourly employees each week, with payment issued no later than 8 days after the close of the work week. That could change if HB 194, which recently passed the House, is approved by the Senate.

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